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25 ft. Giant Inflatable Reindeer

Updated: Mar 27

25 ft. Giant Inflatable Rudolph Character
25 ft. Giant Inflatable Rudolph Character
25 ft. Giant Inflatable Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
25 ft. Giant Inflatable Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer

Animals, reindeers specifically, are often cute and apparently one might possess what seems like a supernatural ability. Does a glowing red bioluminescent nose count as a super ability? Most definitely. This super powered inflatable Rudolph reindeer is a classic take on the popular character. We can make our inflatable reindeer as small as 10 feet and as large as 30 feet in height or more!

Constructed using commercial grade polyester and vinyl materials that are guaranteed to last, our inflatable Rudolph reindeer isn’t just cute, but also pretty freaking heavy duty. The material we use is also coated with a U.V. protectant to extend the lifespan and vibrancy of the material. Our inflatable products are engineered to endure many years exposed to the elements.

Looking to customize? No problem! With our in-house printing, design, and production departments, we’re able to customize any product to your exact specifications. If you want this giant inflatable reindeer with a logo on its chest or with your own custom graphics, we can totally accommodate that.

We have many Christmas inflatables to choose from, including a Toy Soldier, Giant Gift Bows, Christmas Trees, a Titan sized Santa Claus, and even a snowperson, a.k.a. snowman. Our inventory is full of fun and exciting inflatable props that’ll cheer anyone up this upcoming holiday season. To check our inventory, give us a call today. Made in California, USA.

Giant Inflatable Rudolph

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