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25 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

25ft Giant Inflatable Dog Character

Welcome your guests with an all American favorite companion in the form of a 25 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character Prop available through Creatable Inflatables for Sale or Rental. This popular design has successfully be used to increase awareness at Pet Adoptions or other Pet Related Expos. Whether you are a company associated with canine products or simply in need of attracting foot traffic to your place of business, the 25 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character will be an excellent choice. In our experience, we have discovered that displaying giant custom inflatable props at your place of business increases enthusiasm for our clients and their clients. Our team is able to customize a custom inflatable prop with your company branding too! Consult a Creatable Inflatables Sales Associates today for additional details.


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