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20x40 Happy Holidays Tent with Santa Stuck in Chimney

Updated: Aug 30

20x40 Santa Tentflatable

Inflatable Santa Clause stuck in chimney

Inflatable Santa Clause stuck in chimney

Bring the warmth and spirit of Christmas to your location with this masterfully crafted 20x40 Custom Tent with a Christmas Inflatable of Santa Emerging from a Chimney specialty design by Inflatable Prop and Tent experts, Creatable Inflatables. When you set up this tent, the atmosphere becomes fun and festive for all your guests. This tent is perfect for Christmas Craft Shows, Holiday Tradeshows, Festivals, Parades, Toy Giveaways, and other Promotional Events.

For over 30 years our talented team has ushered in the Christmas season with our incredibly dynamic Christmas Inflatables and other festive promotional products. The design featured in this image fuses Christmas Inflatables with the functionality of the 20x40 Custom Tent for twice the impact and twice the fun! People will be drawn to your location, if only to get an up close and personal view to catching a glimpse of Santa in the act of leaving gifts and make a quick getaway through a chimney. When guests see this decorative Custom Tent set up at your location they know you're offering something special. This exciting product is available for Purchase or Rental through Los Angeles Inflatable Prop pioneer, Creatable Inflatables.

Make your end of the year event a Giant success with the Purchase or Rental of the 20x40 Custom Tent with Santa in Chimney Christmas Inflatable Design. This dynamic Custom Tent is commercial grade, heavy duty and made in the U.S.A. These are all great reasons to partner with Creatable Inflatables for your Christmas Inflatables and Custom Tent needs for your upcoming Advertising Event. Call our office today for additional information at 626-579-4454 or send us an email inquiry through our Request Info feature and a team member will be in contact with you very soon. Our team appreciates your enthusiasm about the amazing products we build for our clients; we are passionate about building exceptional products for you.


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