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20 ft. Giant Inflatable Humpback Whale

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

20ft Giant Inflatable Humpback Whale

Creatable Inflatables pays homage to one of the most enchanting giants of the deep in this 20 ft. Giant Inflatable Humpback Whale Prop. The custom 20 ft. Humpback Whale Prop is one of the most popular in our gallery. Organizations from around the country that focus their efforts on healing our bays and marine conservation efforts have found this prop to be an effective tool in their fundraising and raising awareness programs. When guests of all ages see a giant inflatable prop version of the creature which is the center of their educational program, it enhances the experience for all involved. This elegant design is available for Sale or Rental; contact a Creatable Inflatables Sales Associate today for further details.

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