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20 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character ARC

Updated: Jan 12

20ft Giant Inflatable Dog Character ARC

Adorable dogs are irresistible and even more so when they're 20 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character Prop which is available exclusively for Sale or Rental with Creatable Inflatables. Because the dog is one of America's favorite household pets, these faithful furry friend attracts a lot of attention. Combine these facts with the innovative design expertise of custom inflatable prop genius and the result is a 20 ft. Giant Custom Inflatable Dog Character Prop for Sale or Rental. Whether you decide to purchase or rent, our team is equipped to modify the design seen in the image to reflect your company's unique logo. You brand may be printed directly onto the dog tag area or on a customized banner. Our design team will fashion the 20 ft. Giant Inflatable Dog Character Prop according to precise client art specifications. Contact a Creatable Inflatables Prop Expert today for additional ordering details.


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