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15 ft. Giant Inflatable King Crab Prop

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

15ft Giant Inflatable King Crab Prop

A realistic, bright red 15 ft. long by 11 ft. wide Giant Inflatable King Crab Prop will be a tasty treat for the eyes to promote your seafood restaurant or Crab Fest special event. The amount of detail that is invested into the fabrication of a Creatable Inflatables custom designed inflatable prop is of the highest caliber possible. All of the materials used, including the labor is derived from the United States of America. This dynamic 15 ft. by 11 ft. Giant Inflatable King Crab Prop is available as a both a Sale item or Rental. Displaying a eye-catching giant inflatable prop outside your establishment will definitely generate enthusiasm among your new and existing client base. Contact a Creatable Inflatables Inflatable Prop Specialist for ordering details.


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