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15 ft. Giant Inflatable Baseball

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

15ft Giant Inflatable Baseball

One of the greatest American sports brings out the patriot is all of us. For many, sports is a welcomed distraction and a great reason to gather with our children and families. The baseball itself has become a sort of symbol of generations of great talent, great baseball and building great family memories. Creatable Inflatables understand the significance of the baseball in the imagination of people and has designed a giant 15 ft. Inflatable Baseball Prop to celebrate this great sport. Whether you represent the pros or the pee wee leagues, displaying a Giant 15 ft. Inflatable Baseball Prop at your game, fundraiser, or sponsored event, will generated added enthusiasm in the stands for event attendees. Consult a professional Account Executive about the details in having your own team or company logo printed onto the custom Baseball Prop.


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