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10x20 Inflatable Misting Station Rental Living

Updated: Jul 17

10x20 Inflatable Misting Station Rental Living

Making amazing memories amidst mist in a marvelous 10x20 Cooling Misting Station, beautifully crafted by inflatables maestros at Creatable Inflatables. The exciting inflatable Misting Station is available for both Purchase and Rental. As you can see in the caption, the design itself may be detailed to be compatible with banners that will be tied down, velcro or the another option which is to have graphics printed onto the inflatable design itself. The latter option is only available on custom purchase orders. We believe that in making this exciting design available as a rental, our clients have the opportunity to experience firsthand the increase of traffic to their location and positive feedback before making the investment for a customized 10x20 Cooling Misting Station.


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