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10x20 Inflatable Misting Station Brita

Updated: Jul 17

10x20 Inflatable Misting Station Brita

Give your guests a special surprise by displaying a refreshing 10x20 Inflatable Misting Station the next time you host a Special Event or Advertising and Marketing Show. Creatable Inflatable designs are hassle free, extremely easy to set up and take down. Best of all, the unit itself is prime advertising space for banners, as shown the image. For instance if an event has multiple sponsors, each would conceivably have space to promote their unique brand and logo. One thing is for certain and that is our highly qualified team of designers and precision craftsmen and craftswomen will produce a high caliber promotional product for your clients to enjoy for years to come. All the materials used in the fabrication process are U.S. grade and designed for longevity.


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