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10x10 Misting Station Whistler Water

Updated: Jul 17

10x10 Misting Station Whistler Water

With so many bottled water companies to choose from this 10x10 Misting Station boldly declares which of the many really offer it's clients a unique, dynamic, and refreshing experience to set them apart from their competition. Celebrate good tasting water with a cool mist of water in your face; your clients will love you for going the extra mile for them. Best of all, this product is popular with a huge demographic. Everyone will appreciate the atmosphere of fun and family in an invigorating 10x10 Misting Station expertly crafted by Creatable Inflatables. Consult a friendly, professional Sales Associate for additional details about how to incorporate the 10x10 Misting Station into your company's Advertising and Marketing events throughout the calendar year.


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