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10x10 Inflatable Misting Station Bud Light Lime

Updated: Nov 19, 2021

10x10 Inflatable Misting Station Bud Light Lime

What goes down like a cool, refreshing Bud Light Lime? The equally cool, refreshing mist in the 10x10 Inflatable Misting Station, designed by inflatables experts Creatable Inflatables of Los Angeles California. Every major alcoholic and non-alcoholic manufacturer has contracted the expertise of Creatable Inflatables to assist them in promoting their unique brand with dynamic custom inflatable props; product replica props or interactive props. Our 40,000 square foot facility in Los Angeles California is equipped with state of the art technology and staffed with professionals who specialize in producing high caliber, innovative, detail oriented designs which brandish your company brand and logo. All materials used in the fabrication process, including labor are from the U.S.A.


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