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10 ft. Giant Inflatable Doggy Movie Prop

Updated: Nov 15

10ft Giant Inflatable Doggy Movie Prop

Creatable Inflatables has successfully served the motion picture industry with specialty custom inflatable props for over 30 years! The order of multiple 10 ft. tall Giant Inflatable Doggy Movie Props were expertly designed by our team at Creatable Inflatables in Los Angeles California; easily accessible to all studios. Our state of the art facility is equipped to handle large scale orders, the larger the better, and we are highly dependable with producing your order in an expeditious manner if you have a narrow deadline. The Creatable Inflatables design team looks forward to collaborating with you on your upcoming production. Thank you for your interest in partnering with the pioneer in this custom inflatable innovation and design industry at Creatable Inflatables.

Giant Inflatable Dogs


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