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10 ft. Giant Inflatable Green Gorilla For Rental

Updated: Jul 18

10ft Giant Inflatable Decorated Gorilla Prop

Hosting a Safari Themed Party? This beautifully decorated 10 ft. Giant Inflatable Safari Gorilla Prop will make a beautiful addition to your decor. Animate your party with a festive flair with this exceptionally crafted 10 ft. Giant Inflatable Safari Gorilla Prop which will also make a fabulous entrance display to any special event or fundraiser. Set up and take down is easy and completed in seconds! Custom Inflatable Props are the easiest most convenient way of transforming your ordinary event into an extraordinary event for your guests. The props themselves also make a great companion for taking memorable group or individual photos as a memento. Contact a Creatable Inflatables Sales Associate today for details on how to buy or rent this incredibly beautiful decorative 10 ft. Giant Inflatable Gorilla Prop for your upcoming special event.


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