airblown christmas inflatables

Christmas Holiday Airblown Inflatables

Creative Inflatables offers the largest selection of Christmas Themed Inflatable's for Sale and Rental in the United States. All Airblown Christmas Inflatable's are manufactured in the United States in Los Angeles County California at our 40,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility.

giant inflatable snowman
30ft Inflatable Snowman
outdoor christmas inflatables
15 ft Inflatable Ornaments, 10 ft Inflatable Presents, 25 ftInflatable Santa, 30 ft tall Giant Inflatable Snowman, 20 ft tall Inflatable Candy Cane & 15 ft Inflatable Toy Soldier
gaint inflatable santa claus
25 ft tall Giant Inflatable Santa Claus
20ft inflatable snowman
20 ft tall Airblown
Inflatable Snowman
15ft inflatable snowman
15 ft tall Inflatable

Creative Inflatables has supplied Giant Holiday Inflatables to businesses across the country from Event Planners, Event Marketers, Theme Parks, Car Dealerships, Retail Stores and many more! Whether you are a large, mid-sized or small company, Giant Inflatable displays can generate attention and leave powerful impressions when it comes to promoting or advertising your product/business.

outdoor airblown christmas inflatables
8' tall Inflatable Christmas Tree, 8' tall Inflatable Snowman, 8' tall Inflatable
X-Mas Wreath, 10' tall Inflatable Stocking with Goodies
large inflatable christmas tree
30' Inflatable Christmas Tree with Presents
  inflatable panda bear gift bag
15' tall Inflatable Panda Bear Gift Bag

giant inflatable candy cane
30 ft Long Giant Inflatable Candy Cane

15ft inflatable christmas tree
15' Inflatable Christmas Tree

Christmas Inflatable's currently in Stock Now: (Sizes range from 5' up to 30' in height or length) Airblown Bow; Inflatable Noel Candle; Blow Up Candy Cane; Inflatable Christmas Bag with Panda; Airblown Christmas Bag with White Bear; Inflatable Christmas Bag with Gifts; Airblown Gift Box; Inflatable Nut Cracker; Inflatable Ornament; Inflatable Santa Clause; Inflatable Santa Clause in a Chimney; Inflatable Snowman; Inflatable Stocking with Gifts; Inflatable Stocking with Panda; Inflatable Toy Soldier; Inflatable Christmas Tree; Inflatable Wreath and much more coming soon!

giant inflatable christmas present
20' Inflatable Christmas Present
large inflatable christmas present
8' tall Airblown Present
inflatable x-mas present
8' Inflatable X-mas Present
giant inflatable wreath
20' Giant Inflatable
Merry X-Mas Wreath
outdoor christmas inflatables
10' tall Present, 10' Inflatable Red Bow, 10' tall Stocking with
Goodies & 10' tall Inflatable Panda Bear Stocking
inflatable toy soldier and noel candle
12 ft Inflatable Toy Soldier & 20' Noel Candle

huge inflatable nut cracker
30' Inflatable Nut Cracker


Looking to make your very own Custom Inflatable?
So, how do you make a custom inflatable you ask? It's actually much easier than you think. First, you provide us with a photo or a rough sketch design of the item you are trying to create. We then have one of our talented designer's make you a free mock up rendering of your item as an inflatable so we can determine the construction needed. Pretty simple right? Contact us today for all of your custom inflatable needs!

inflatable duck

  inflatable red bow blue ornament candy cane
10' Airblown Inflatable Red Bow, 15' Blue Ornament and 30' Long Candy Cane
15ft inflatable blue ornament
15' ft Blue Ornament
15ft inflatable red ornament
15' ft Red Ornament
8ft inflatable candle ornament
8 ft Inflatable
Candle Ornament
8ft inflatable red ornament
8' ft Inflatable
Red Ornament
8ft inflatable santa ornament
8' tall Santa
christmas inflatable ornaments
10 ft Inflatable Red Bow, 15' ft tall Red Ornament and 30 ft Long Candy Cane

2 Year Warranty-Ever wonder why lower priced inflatable manufacturers only offer around 30-90 days warranty for your inflatable? Because they have no confidence in their quality! It's not uncommon for our products to last for more than 10 years with care.

Proprietary UV inhibitor Coating- This coating process is done after printing to extend the life of the high resolution graphics. Not only does it help protect the artwork from fading, it also acts as an extra layer of protection against scuff marks and scratching.

Official NFPA/CSFM Fire retardant certified- All inflatable's manufactured by Creative Inflatables are official NFPA/CSFM Fire Retardant Certified. Have the peace of mind knowing that you can take these inflatables anywhere in the USA and not have to worry about ruining your event due to local Fire code restrictions.

Creative Inflatables offers Christmas Inflatable's for Rental throughout the United States. For a list of Christmas Inflatable's and Sizes please call our Sales Dept. at (626) 579-4454.


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